Making A Difference

Shortly after the article was published in the News Gazette, the reporter, Tom Kacich, received the following email:

Hello Tom,

I’m hoping you can help me. My name is Carrie Victor. On
12/20/2016 I was diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis. Fortunately I
lived to tell. Through this experience I became aware of the tragic story
of Angela Anderson. A google search lead me to your article and as I read
the story with a heavy heart it was all to familiar. I suspect that
Angela’s case raised the awareness necessary among the medical community
for me to get a quick and accurate diagnosis. I was immediately
transferred to Springfield Memorial for 10 days of treatment in ICU in the
burn unit. I believe that it is because of Angela that I am alive today.
It’s important to me that the Anderson family know that I think their
daughter may have saved my life. I want them to know that I join them in
their fight to raise awareness and I hope through our efforts research
with come about. I am working hard to raise awareness among the medical
community as well. Why do so few know what this condition is? Why is it so
commonly misdiagnosed? These are questions that need to be answered. Why
is it not required by physicians to report SJS and/or TEN to the FDA? I
want the Anderson’s to know that I too ask these questions and as I
continue to recover I’m doing my best to spread the word in hopes that no
one else shares in our experience. If there is a way that you can forward
this email or contact the family to let them know that I’d gladly assist
and participate in any way that I can to raise awareness and support them
in our cause I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you Tom.

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