February Visit to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville

We were honored to once again visit the research lab of Dr. Elizabeth Phillips at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.  The research is tedious, complex and encouraging! There are currently 24 sites across the US and Canada focused on the research of drug induced disease. Dr. Phillips’ Laboratory works closely with Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia as well.

The research team is currently writing a grant to fund universal registries and sample collection.  There is encouraging advances in the study of t-cells and blister fluid however more samples are needed to advance this important research.

Quick Facts:

There are between 1 and 5 cases per million people in the US, however there is no mandatory reporting of SJS at this time.

Only 2-8% of those with the genetic biomarker for SJS will manifest symptoms however it can be devastating for those that do.  Early diagnosis, discontinuing the drug that triggered the attack and specialized treatment of symptoms is essential.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is primarily a drug induced disease which frequently starts with a fever

Awareness is Key and financial funding is helpful so please help us spread the word!  You may donate directly to Vanderbilt University Medical Center using the link from this website.

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